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General Dentistry

As a guide, the cost of some common private treatments are given below. You will be given a full estimate and treatment plan after examination, and will be advised of any proposed changes during the course of treatment. Should you require any further infomation, please not hesitate to ask amember of staff.

Routine Exam   From
Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan   €60
Examination including, Scale and Polish (and small x-rays)   €80
Examination (Child < 15yrs)   €50
Prescription   €40


Teeth Bleaching   From
In surgery   €200
Home bleaching(including custom trays)   €250


Dental Hygiene   From
Scale and polish with Dentist   €70
Advanced gum treatment (root planing) – per visit   €90


X-Rays   From
Small (Intra oral)   €10
Large (Extra oral, OPG or Lateral Skull   €45


Restorations   From
White (composite resin)   €80 - €180
Silver (amalgam)   €70 – €140


Extractions   From
Routine Extraction   €90 - €110
Surgical Extraction   €150 - €250


Dentures   From
Acrylic denture   €380 - €500
Metal framed (CrCo)   €850 - €950


Root Canal Treatment   From
Single root tooth   €350
Double root tooth   €450
Multiple root tooth   €550


Crowns   From
Gold   €650
Porcelain crown (fused to metal)   €750 - €900


Implants   From
single fixture placement   €1200
multiple fixture placement   €800/fixture
single crown placement on fixture   €1300



Orthodontics   From
Assessment (including 2 full mouth X-rays, study models,cephlometric tracing, and 2nd appointment to discuss treatment plan)   €200
Complete treatment of both Upper and Lower teeth   €3000 - €4000
Clear braces(aligners)   €1500/arch