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Orthodontic Dental Services

Damon Braces

What are Damon Braces?

Damon Braces offer patients an efficient alternative solution. The friction-free, self-ligating Damon Brace combines the effectiveness of traditional braces with an innovative concept which allows for a comfortable and effective method of teeth straightening. The self-ligating nature of this system ensures the forces are as light as possible.

Lingual Frenectomy

What is a Tongue Tie?

A frenum is a fold of tissue or muscle that connects the lips, cheek or tongue to the jawbone.  The band of tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth is called the lingual frenum, while the band connecting the lip to the gum in front of the teeth is called the labial frenum.  A frenectomy is a procedure to remove one of these folds of tissue.  

Orthodontic Retainer

Retainers are not an orthodontic appliance in that they do not move the teeth. They are however essential in almost all cases to help prevent the teeth moving once the braces are removed.